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Renowned Speakers

Elizabeth Brodie

Elizabeth Brodie

Edinburgh Napier University, UK UK

Geetha Kada

Geetha Kada

Montgomery College of Nursing, USA USA

Irene Kennedy

Irene Kennedy

Glasgow Caledonian University, UK UK

Mercy Popoola

Mercy Popoola

American University of Health Sciences, USA USA



University of Haifa, Israel Israel

Yvonne Parry

Yvonne Parry

Flinders University , Australia Australia

Sita Karki

Sita Karki

Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Nepal Nepal

Yuka Moriyama

Yuka Moriyama

Aso Iizuka Hospital, Japan Japan

Nursing Education Congress 2018

Sessions and Tracks

                                                                 Track-1: Nursing Education

Nursing education refers to formal learning and coaching within the science of nursing. This includes the functions and duties within the physical care of patients, and a mix of various disciplines that each accelerate the patient's come back to health and facilitate maintain it. Nursing and nursing education have undergone golf stroke changes over the centuries. This history reveals a relentless struggle for autonomy and expertise. There are many influences on nursing observe inside the past, in addition as women's struggle for skilful acceptance and standing, religion, war, technology, and group attitudes. These factors still influence nursing of late. Throughout the past decades, the profession worked to boost its image.

                                                                  Track-2: Nursing Research

Nursing analysis develops information concerning health and therefore the promotion of health over the complete life, care of persons with health issues and disabilities, and nursing actions to boost the flexibility of people to reply effectively to actual or potential health issues.Nursing research is that has proof wont to support nursing practices. Nursing, as AN evidence-based space of observe, has been developing since the time of the Lady with the Lamp to the current day, wherever several nurses currently work as researchers primarily based in universities similarly as within the health care setting.Nurse education places focus upon the employment of proof from analysis so as to rationalise nursing interventions. In European nation and Wales, courts could verify if a nurse acted moderately based mostly upon whether or not their intervention was supported by analysis.

                                                                Track-3: Innovations in Nursing Education

In nursing education, to arrange nurses to change environments and follow in new environments, a necessity for innovation ceaselessly exists. Therefore, new ways in which ought to be utilised in nursing education. Simulation and personal digital assistants (PDAs) are variety of the new ways in which. Simulation may be a teaching strategy that involves replicating reality.It’s a team work for evaluating and provoking the new generation for the Nursing Education. Presently a day’s U. S. deals with a widen inadequacy of nurses, directed simply just in case by a waning growth of population and a insufficiency of accessible places for the schools of nursing across the country. All over the place it concern concerning the nurse versatile shortage is noticeable at intervals the reports of pronounced nursing organizations, equally at intervals the activities of the many state work burden centres Technologies in Nursing Education.

                                                            Track-4: Technologies in Nursing Education

As technology advances, thus will its influence in care. Nurses got to presently be faculty savvy to navigate on-line charting systems, update health records, schedule care and lots of. In days past, patient info was unbroken in strictly filed, written charts. Now, technology in nursing has created it easier than ever to stay patient info expeditiously recorded and hold on.“There are a unit progressing to be temporary drawbacks once a technology is initially enforced, however these are outweighed by the semi-permanent edges of the technology,” explains Anthony garment worker, nurse. “It’s of important importance that nurses unit of measurement given the obligatory education to use new technologies that unit of measurement being introduced in their workplaces.”

One of the foremost vital technological changes that have arisen among the sphere of nursing is electronic charting. Rather than filling out charts with pen and paper, most nurses are presently needed to review info and fill out charts on-line. Several patients will presently besides access their own medical records and check results through these on-line patient portals. This assists in closing the communication gap and obtaining info to patients quickly and with efficiency.

                                                              Track-5: Career in Nursing

Nursing is Associate in nursing showing emotion fulfilling and in person profitable career, with glorious job prospects, a large vary of areas to specialise in, and robust salaries. Graduates of school of nursing get pleasure from high beginning salaries as compared to their peers in alternative industries, as a result of nurses are in higher demand than ever before. Everybody wants healthcare with an aging population and shrinking nursing hands, it’s simple to examine why nursing is usually noted as a “recession proof” career.

Some reasons to consider nursing as a profession-

  • A career in nursing offers many selections thus you'll be able to adapt your profession to suit your style.
  • The scopes of learning are endless
  • Career mobility is outstanding
  • Nurses are always in demand
  • Collaborative partnerships: working with and leading other professions
  • Nursing grads have the chance for an extended and optimized orientation expertise as a replacement hire.

                                                             Track-6: Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

An Advanced follow nurse (APRN) could also be a nurse World Health Organization contains a master’s, post-master’s certificate, or follow-focused doctor of nursing observe degree in one in each of 4 specific roles. APRNs square measure authorized through a state board of nursing to provide patient care within their role and patient population focus, and in several nations have the authority to visit medication and follow severally whereas not doctor oversight. Though' advanced follow registered nursing may be a refined set of registered nursing, in most states the APRN license is taken into consideration separate licensing class from RN licensure.The International Council of Nurses defines a classy follow nurse as a nurse with the skilled knowledge, advanced decision-making skills, and clinical competencies necessary for swollen follow. This differentiates APRNs from registered nurses (RNs) in that they are capable of seizing further advanced work and handling those cases with larger independence and discretion.For this reason, APRNs unit of measurement more and more being relied on to satisfy the demand for primary and specialty health care practitioners, notably in rural areas and various areas underserved by physicians.

                                                            Track-7: Nursing Practice and Clinical education

Nurses agree that direct observe with actual patients is critical, but the teaching methodologies and faculty-student relationships that optimize students' learning in clinical settings haven't been documented. In the clinical education nurses learn to use theory that was learned within the room, to world things. Clinical settings gift issues that are novel, complex, specialised, and unpredictable. Nurses have to be compelled to learn the way to practise safely, at intervals the time-constrained periods that are allotted to the clinical study .The data, skills and attitudes necessary for delivering quality of care, demand that clinical instructors adapt their teaching to a various student population, and a spread of patient scenarios. Numerous factors, as well as a shortage of nurse educators, restricted clinical facilities, minimized acute care admissions, shorter lengths of keep in hospitals, and a shortage of nursing personnel within the clinic facilities, pose challenges to clinical teaching.

                                                          Track-8: Types of Nursing Education

The field of nursing are often a fancy one, with many alternative styles of nursing and areas within which to specialize. The various styles of nursing comprise many general classes. Inside every of those classes, there are several nursing specialty areas.

Some types of nursing educations are-

  • Clinical
  • Paediatric
  • cardiac
  • Community
  • Emergency
  • Family
  • Management
  • Psychological
  • Surgical
  • Womens's health

                                                            Track-9: Patient Safety and Health Care

Patient safety is a vital a part of medical aid that aims to forestall evitable errors and patient damage. Patient safety may be a feature of an attention system and a collection of tested ways that for up care. As several as 440,000 individuals die each year from preventable errors in hospitals, It’s up to everybody to form certain that patient safety is that the most wanted priority at each hospital across the us. Some hospitals have hidden dangers, however there are belongings you will do to guard yourself and your idolized ones .We look at the role of nurses on each the front lines of health care, additionally because the backbone of patient treatment. We have a tendency to see nurses as innovators in health care–like pain detection in new-borns. We have a tendency to see however their empiric skills, advanced information, interventions and compassionate care facilitate patients manage their medical desires.

                                                           Track-10: Nursing Programs and Teaching Strategies

Nursing education is a catalyst to guide innovation in educational nursing that promotes team-based, interprofessional health care. Nursing education aims to boost the influence of educational nursing within the health care and better education arenas. This is often accomplished by building strategic partnerships to advance tutorial nursing and advance nursing as an intellectual discipline .There is a spread of teaching ways that instructors will use to boost student learning. It’s of nice importance to pick acceptable teaching ways in nurse education to create the coaching additional appealing and simple .Of the numerous teaching methods out there in schoolroom teaching, the oldest and most generally used methodology nowadays is that the lecture. Instruction may be easy thanks to impart data to students quickly .Concept mapping could be a technique that enables students to know the relationships between concepts by making a visible map of the connections .Conception maps permits the scholar to visualize the connections between ideas that they already have; connect new concepts to their existing knowledge; and organize concepts in an exceedingly logical, however not rigid, structure that permits new info or viewpoints to be enclosed within the future.

                                                         Track-11: Professional Development & Leadership

New nurses generally have restricted expertise so that they might have difficulties in their 1st permanent nursing position. Established nurses, on the opposite hand, perceive their skilled responsibilities, however they could have questions on a way to become a nurse leader or advance their careers. Each sort of nurses ought to develop how to attain their career goals whereas lasting by nursing laws. A Nursing skilled Development (NPD) specialist helps inexperienced nurses transition from college to follow, and that they advise seasoned nurses on ways that to remain current and advance their careers.Leadership could be a key ability for nurses the least bit levels. While this could be stating the apparent for those whose position provides them direct social control responsibility, even the foremost recently qualified practitioners want the arrogance and skills to be able to supply leadership to students and alternative colleagues like attention assistants. A range of policies and initiatives mean the nursing profession includes a growing influence on all aspects of provision. Practitioners want to be able to exert this influence clearly and confidently.

                                                           Track-12: Critical Care and Emergency Nursing

Critical care or unit nursing could also be a specialisation of nursing that deals specifically with patients experiencing high-dependency, life –threatening conditions .There are an expansion of medical aid unit specialties where vital care nurses could match alongside surgical, trauma, coronary, medical, paediatric, burns, cardiothoracic and high risk nurseries. Emergency Nurses treat patients in emergency things where they’re experiencing trauma or injury. These nurses quickly acknowledge grave problems and unit trained to help solve them on the spot. They’ll add hospital emergency rooms, ambulances, helicopters, pressing care centres, sports arenas, and more. As associate Emergency Nurse, you’ll treat an expansion of conditions from sore throats to heart attacks for patients of all ages and backgrounds.

                                                        Track-13: Nursing Credentials and Certifications

Nearly a decade past, the Institute of medication (IOM) required nurses to require a larger role in America’s care system by handling additional responsibilities and achieving higher levels of education. Nurses have heeded the decision and still ask for credentialing that validates nursing talent, knowledge, and talent .Nurse credentialing is accessible associate exceedingly in a very immense array of talent sets and comes with an alphabet soup of post-nominal initials. Care leaders say credentialing features a solid place in nursing as a result of it expands education by recognizing and inspiring skilled developments and achievements .“As care has become additional advanced, it's become more and more important to assure the general public that care professionals are unit competent,” the yank Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN), the world’s largest nursing specialization organization, said .The certificate programs build on the nursing graduate degree (MS, DNP or PhD) to provide nurses with the opportunity to explore areas in advanced nursing practice that will expand their roles within the profession.

                                                         Track-14: Laws of Nursing

 Observe of nursing needs specialised information, skill, and freelance higher cognitive process. Nursing careers take wide divergent methods - observe focus varies by setting, by kind of consumer, by completely different unwellness, therapeutic approach or level of rehabilitation. Moreover, nurses ar mobile and complicated and add a society that's dynamical and asymmetrical for customers. The results that the chance of damage is inherent within the provision of medical care .All states and territories have enacted a nurse apply act (NPA). Every state’s New People's Army is enacted by the state’s assembly. The New People's Army itself is short to supply the required steering for the nursing profession, therefore, every New People's Army establishes a board of nursing (BON) that has the authority to develop body rules or laws to clarify or build the law additional specific. Rules and laws should be in keeping with the New People's Army and can't transcend it. These rules and laws bear a method of public review before enactment. Once enacted, rules and laws have the complete force and impact of law.

                                                         Track-15: Travel Nursing

Travel nursing may be a nursing assignment conception that developed in response to the nursing shortage. Travel nurses work with agencies that broker nursing jobs in short increments, giving them one in all the foremost versatile health care career methods. Assignments vary long, however most travel nurses settle for contracts in eight to twenty six week increments. To become a travel nurse, you want to earn a minimum of an Associate of Science in nursing degree, and pass the NCLEX-RN test.

                                                           Track-16: Legal Nursing

The legal implications of nursing follow are tied to licensure, state and federal laws, scope of observe and a public expectation that nurses follows at a high virtuoso commonplace. The nurse’s education, license and nursing commonplace provide the framework by that nurses are expected to follow. Once a nurse’s follow falls below acceptable standards of care and talent, this exposes the nurse to litigation. The basis for proceeding can relate to negligence, failing to exercise the quantity of care that a cheap, prudent nurse would below similar circumstances; malpractice; and virtuoso negligence, which means Associate in nursing act of neglect committed among the nurse’s virtuoso role. Acts of omission and commission can subject the nurse to litigation and virtuoso license review. Every litigation and virtuoso license review could lead to reprimand of a nurse’s license or loss of a license.

                                                            Track-17: Women’s Health Nursing

The women’s health prepares students as competent nurse-midwives and women’s health nurse practitioners World Health Organization supply family-cantered primary health care. Relevant analysis and concepts from nursing, midwifery, medicine, and conjointly the Science supply a base for clinical observe and 1st care. Students actively replicate on their clinical follow and leadership throughout the program .Clinical follow takes place across a ramification of health care systems that supply for medical consultation, cooperative management, and referral and is in unison with the Standards for Nurse-Midwifery follow of the yankee college of Nurse-Midwives and conjointly the National Organization of NP faculties Competencies for WHNPs. Electives and freelance study offer opportunities for faculty students to pursue individual educational and skilled goals.

                                                             Track-18: Clinical Nursing

A Clinical Nurse Specialist is associate degree professional at diagnosis and treating unhealthiness in their space of experience. Clinical Nurse Specialists target one in every of 3 main specialty areas: patients and their families, nurse management, and administration. The remainder of the nursing employees appearance to the Clinical Nurse Specialist for steering within their follow and facilitate expeditiously in the work.

                                                            Track-19: Neonatal and Paediatric Nursing

The branch of nursing involved with the care of infants and kids. Medical specialty nursing needs information of traditional mental object, psychosocial and psychological feature growth and development, in addition as of the health issues and desires of individuals during this people. Preventive care and preceding steerage are integral to observe of medical specialty nursing .Paediatric nurses give health and treatment for kids from birth through their late teens. These nurses give professional care to the kid whereas operating with the family to handle their issues, fears, problems, and choices. Precisely what a paediatric nurse will depends on the work setting, which could be a hospital, surgical centre, doctor’s workplace, clinic, or alternative health care setting.


About Conference

Conference Series llc Ltd invites all participants to attend “28th Annual Congress on Nursing Education and Research” (Nursing Education Congress 2018) which is scheduled during September14-15, 2018 at Prague, Czech Republic. This Conference focuses around the theme “Analysing and Exploring ideas in Advanced Nursing”. The significance of this gathering is to upgrade medical caretakers' learning in regards to progresses in the care and treatment of people with Nursing Education and Research. This is the best chance to achieve the biggest collection of members from the Nursing people group. Direct introductions, appropriate data, meet with present and potential researchers, make a sprinkle with better approaches for treatment and mind, and get name acknowledgment at this 2-day conference. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest systems, advancements, and the most up to date refreshes in Nursing are signs of this meeting.

Scope and Significance of the Conference

The extent of Nursing Education and Research envelops Nursing Education, Nursing Research, Technologies and Innovations in Nursing, Clinical Nursing, and Healthcare in Nursing. Nursing Research has a tremendous influence on current and future professional nursing practice, thus rendering it an essential component of the educational process nursing research is a growing field in which healthcare professionals can contribute a variety of skills and experiences to the science of nursing care. There are frequent misconceptions as to what nursing research is. Nursing research is very complicated to the practice of professional nursing, and the importance of its inclusion during undergraduate instruction cannot be overemphasized. Only with exposure and experience can students can understand the concept and importance of nursing research. Conference will give nurses experience, conceptualize, perceive, and understand their own nursing practice within the context of their educational background. Students can identify how learning about research methodology and analysing journal articles will add to their nursing practice.

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Target Audiences

  • Nurse
  • Doctors
  • Nursing Researchers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Nursing lecturers
  • Nursing Students
  • Nursing Institutes
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Physician Assistants
  • Nursing Associations and Societies
  • Nursing Business Entrepreneurs
  • Clinical Nursing & Midwifery Associations


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Conference Date Sep14-15, 2018

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