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29th International Conference on Nursing Education and Research, will be organized around the theme “Exploring Nursing Education Through Advance Auspicious Research”

Nursing Education Congress-2019 is comprised of 18 tracks and 123 sessions designed to offer comprehensive sessions that address current issues in Nursing Education Congress-2019.

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Nursing Education instruction includes of the hypothetical and rights all the way down to earth preparing equipped to medical attendants with the explanation to line them up for his or her obligations as treatment specialists. This instruction is given to nursing understudies by toughened attendants and different therapeutic specialists administrative unit have qualified or competent for instructive errands. Analysis has been accustomed legalize nursing as a profession, education has been radically reformed to copy a groundwork base, and tutorial nurses have built their careers around it. However, despite the length of it slow that analysis has been on the agenda and conjointly the authoritative bodies involved, alone a moderate proportion of nurses use analysis as a basis for observe. Nursing analysis is important to the nursing profession and is important for continuing advancements that promote optimum medical care and conjointly the Courses prompting freelance amount of your time as a medical attendant usually newest four years. Medical attendant instruction likewise provides post-capability courses in knowledgeable subjects at intervals nursing.

  • Track 1-1Education Trends In Nursing And Their Impacts
  • Track 1-2Advances For reflective Nursing Practices
  • Track 1-3International Nursing Education
  • Track 1-4Quality and safety of medical care
  • Track 1-5Use of latest Technologies in Nursing Education
  • Track 1-6Nursing Leadership
  • Track 1-7Latest Nursing Technologies
  • Track 1-8Anesthesia nursing

Nursing courses desires for nursing degree courses that varies as results of each university sets its own entry criteria. Nursing degrees aren’t all concerning having your nose terribly very book? There are unit variant smart hands on experience with patients in hospital and community settings and skill; Registered nurses will need to be compelled to assess a patient's health, equally as notice changes in symptoms, health or pain, and got to acknowledge once action is very important. List of nursing specialist is:



  • Track 2-1Mental health Nursing
  • Track 2-2Children’s nursing
  • Track 2-3Adult nursing
  • Track 2-4Surgical Nurse
  • Track 2-5Rural Nurse
  • Track 2-6Rehabilitation Nurse
  • Track 2-7Peri Anesthesia Nursing
  • Track 2-8Occupational Health Nursing
  • Track 2-9Palliative Care Nursing
  • Track 2-10Emergency Nurse
  • Track 2-11Community Health Nurse
  • Track 2-12Post-operatory Nursing
  • Track 2-13Pediatric Nursing
  • Track 2-14Learning Disability nursing

Disability nurses teach someone the talents to go looking out work, which could be very important in serving to them to steer a further freelance, healthy life. Upset nurses consider managing their clients’ needs over associate degree extended time, generally having to be ingenious to realize results. You’ll would love patience and have developed versatile communication skills. You’ll focus on a sensory incapacity, like syndrome or a selected setting like education. The duty is disagreeable and arduous therefore cognizance helps. You usually got to be assertive to substantiate people with an upset do not suffer discrimination. Sensitive human interaction is in addition core ability. Will you are utilized in people’s homes, education, residential and community centers, hospitals, status settings, & prisons?

 Main areas of your role as a learning disorder nurse:



  • Track 3-1Improving or maintaining a person’s physical and mental state
  • Track 3-2Reducing barriers to them living associate degree freelance life
  • Track 3-3Supporting the person in living a satisfying life

Nursing credentials and certifications unit of measurement the numerous credentials and certifications that somebody should ought to follow nursing. A degree, once attained, cannot, in ancient circumstances, be isolated. Nursing credentials square measure separated from the person's name with commas. There’s a unit usually no periods at intervals the credentials. Nurses UN agency opts for a specialty becomes certified during this house, signifying that they possess knowledgeable information. Registered nurses (RNs) do not appear to be required to be certified in a {very} very positive specialty by law.



  • Track 4-1Highest earned academic degree
  • Track 4-2Nursing licensure (RN)
  • Track 4-3Nursing certification (CCRN)
  • Track 4-4Nursing fellowship (FAAN)
  • Track 4-5Doctor of Nursing practices (DNP)

Advanced practitioners are educated at masters’ level in advanced apply and are assessed as competent in apply, victimization skilled information and skills. They have the freedom and authority to act, making autonomous decisions inside the assessment, designation and treatment of patients. They have the freedom and authority to act, making autonomous decisions inside the assessment, designation and treatment of patients. Continuing developments in health care have resulted inside the would love for some professionals to possess larger responsibility and responsibility for developing service provision.



  • Track 5-1Nurse Practitioners
  • Track 5-2Certified Nurse Midwives
  • Track 5-3Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists
  • Track 5-4Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Track 5-5Oncology Nursing Society publishes Oncology Nurse Practitioner Competencies
  • Track 5-6Pediatric Nursing is a Collaborative effort of the ANA
  • Track 5-7Adult Health CNS
  • Track 5-8Child/Adolescent Psych & Mental Health CNS

A surgical nurse may be a nursing proficient that is trained to be ready to assist throughout each routine and hard surgical procedure. They work aboard surgical teams to create bound that patient’s square measure receiving the only possible care. These kinds of nurses are going to be found around operational tables all across the word, aiding surgeons with every elective and life-saving procedure. A surgical nurse might even be required to work closely with the patient. This may involve explaining the procedure, giving pre-procedure directions, and comforting the patient. Among the event of associate emergency, surgical nurses may additionally be required to perform rescue maneuvers & providing nursing help in surgical settings, as well as the pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative phases of surgery.


  • Track 6-1Plastic surgery
  • Track 6-2Orthopedic Surgery
  • Track 6-3Latest Advancements in surgery
  • Track 6-4Neuro Surgery
  • Track 6-5Obstruct and medicine surgery

Innovations in Nursing Education is evaluating and galvanizing the new generation for the Nursing Education. Innovation in nursing education kind to create and form the long term of nursing observes. All levels of nursing education, college boy and graduate, unit of measurement obligated to challenge their long-held traditions and elegance evidence-based curricula that unit of measurement versatile, attentive to students' wishes, cooperative, and integrate current technology. Innovation ought to call into question the character of schooling, learning, and teaching and therefore the manner data designs promote or inhibit learning, still as excitement regarding the profession of nursing, and thus the spirit of inquiry necessary for the advancement of the discipline. The aim of this idea is for the event of technology-based nursing education and to specify targets requiring further dialogue among school of nursing. It’s turning into positive that nurse educators have to be compelled to be compelled to research values, communication, and social processes once directive, judging, investment and analyzing technological use at intervals their work place.


  • Track 7-1Development of a culture that supports risk-taking, creativity, and excellence
  • Track 7-2Theoretical vs. Practical learning
  • Track 7-3Text Mining
  • Track 7-4Data Mining
  • Track 7-5Simulation and personal digital assistants
  • Track 7-6Tele Nursing
  • Track 7-7Micro Teaching
  • Track 7-8Tele Teaching
  • Track 7-9Service-Learning
  • Track 7-10E-Learning
  • Track 7-11Hand-Held Computers in Nursing Education
  • Track 7-12High-fidelity Simulation
  • Track 7-13Engagement in collaborative practices

Geriatric Nurses facilitate aged patients it’s a comprehensive give for clinical data and management recommendation regarding the care of older adults .These older adults’ unit at larger risk of injuries and diseases like pathology, Alzheimer’s and cancer, that's why Geriatric Nurses target preventative care. They additionally facilitate patients, and their families, address sure medical conditions that develop later in life.


  • Track 8-1Case Management Nursing
  • Track 8-2Critical care nursing
  • Track 8-3Cardiac Nursing and Healthcare
  • Track 8-4Ambulatory care nursing
  • Track 8-5Psychiatry Nursing

Clinical Nursing and nursing organization involves patient assessment, treatment designs, and so the nurse specialist demonstrates inconceivable skills in measure and deciphering the knowledge. The organization consolidates orchestrating, handling, staffing, turning out with and dominant. Clinical Nursing and Nursing observe may be a capable and comprehensive sorting out of problems that undertake a theoretical, purposeful and arranged perspective of phenomena.




  • Track 9-1Skills and Techniques in Clinical Nursing
  • Track 9-2Clinical Evaluation
  • Track 9-3Adult and Gerontological Critical Care
  • Track 9-4Clinical Nurse Specialties
  • Track 9-5Pediatric Critical Care

Nursing education at the side of status nursing, medicine Nursing and post-operation nursing these areas would like strategizing, cooperative relationships, and a multi-dimensional approach to endeavor a drag specialized information forms the inspiration of these nursing fields. Nurse, courses last for four years. Post-qualification courses in specialist subjects within nursing are provided in nursing education. Modernization of nursing education and to assess nurse’ IT ability in line with ball-hawking skills comparison groups with wholly totally different educational background and work experience.

Aim of the international nursing education:


  • Track 10-1Role of nurse educators worldwide
  • Track 10-2Quality of nursing education
  • Track 10-3Opportunities and challenges of nursing education and clinical follow
  • Track 10-4International nursing and nursing college shortages

The Emergency Department (ED) includes a fulltime caregiver and pharmacy technician onsite to assist with medication reconciliation. Phlebotomy/ECG technicians and metastasis medical aid employee’s members are gettable twenty four hours daily. The Disaster and Emergency Nurses Association pointers for nurse patient staffing ratios. Staffing patterns are predominantly a patient to nurse acute care quantitative relation of three to a minimum of one. Associate degree appurtenant atmosphere is provided through 24-hour management via three clinical coordinators, a manager and director. Emergency nurse: A RN administrative body has completed teacher ship and has achieved the extent one competencies. They’ll work with individual patients or groups of patients whereas not direct direction at intervals the emergency care setting. This includes initial assessment and thus the supply of treatment (but not diagnosis) for patients. The role of emergency RN is subject to native variation in education and follow provision, so this framework does not offer the competencies required for this role; analyze the competitive issues with core competencies, swollen scope of observe and ethical observe at intervals the context of response for nurses; gestate the value of using a disaster analysis framework for an exploration study of a mass casualty incident; establish the special wishes of vulnerable populations in disaster things.

  • Track 11-1Palliative care emergency nursing
  • Track 11-2Occupational emergency nursing
  • Track 11-3Peri anesthesia emergency nursing
  • Track 11-4Perinatal emergency nursing
  • Track 11-5Respiratory emergency nursing
  • Track 11-6Pulmonary emergency nursing
  • Track 11-7Nephrological emergency nursing

NMC (2008) provides strict steering concerning the Nursing practitioners code of follow and also the answerability that members of the profession ought to have towards patients in their care; it's in light-weight of this that nursing professionals have a responsibility to develop their data concerning the law regarding clinical follow and also the moral frameworks encompassing why selections and judgments square measure created once delivering patient care.  Aim of the assignment to explore what the legal and skilled views square measure if this example were to arise in clinical follow and to deal with the moral ideas that ought to be taken into thought & chose of components of the choice creating method and additionally it's the Covert Use of Medication – Legal Implications method.

Types of nursing law:


  • Track 12-1Criminal Law
  • Track 12-2Civil Law
  • Track 12-3Toxic Tort
  • Track 12-4Good Samaritan Laws
  • Track 12-5Confidentiality
  • Track 12-6Slander and Libel
  • Track 12-7False Imprisonment
  • Track 12-8Assault and Battery

ARNP could be a nurse World Health Organization completes a graduate-level program. Associate in Nursing ARNP will have primary responsibility for patient care. Further ARNP roles embody certified nurse anesthetists and licensed nurse midwives. They receive advanced clinical coaching on the far side that of a nurse. These services will embody general health, like acute care, family and medicine, women’s, neonatal and pediatric/child, psychiatric/mental health.

 List of Registered Nurse Practitioner order:


  • Track 13-1Pass the licensure exam, NCLEX-RN (National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses).
  • Track 13-2 They are registered nurses with advanced skills, knowledge, education, and scope of practice
  • Track 13-3Hold a valid RN license

Mental nursing or psychological well-being nursing is that the named position of a nursing that has had wise experience in emotional well-being and watches over individuals of any age with dysfunctional behavior or mental problem, as associate example, psychosis, bipolar confusion, psychosis, melancholy, dementia and many further. In many nations, a mental medical attendant need to have accomplished a four year certification in nursing to wind up noticeably associate in nursing listed nurture (RN) and add emotional well-being. Mental medical caretakers add healing facilities, mental establishments, remedial organizations, and numerous utterly completely different offices.


  • Track 14-1Mental Health Nursing Practices
  • Track 14-2Mental Health Disorders
  • Track 14-3Psychiatric Healing Techniques
  • Track 14-4Diagnostic Approaches

Cardiovascular nursing is a nursing strength that works with patients UN agency expertise the sick effects of various states of the vessel framework. Cardiovascular medical caretakers facilitate regard conditions, for instance, shaky angina, heart disease, coronary supply line ill health, symptom heart disappointment, cardiac muscle localized gangrene and heart dysrhythmia below the course of a medical specialist. Vessel medical attendants perform operative care on a surgical unit, stretch take a look at assessments, heart checking, vascular perceptive, and prosperity appraisals. Cardiovascular medical caretakers should have Basic Life Support and Advanced internal organ Life Support confirmation. Medicine Nurses have completely different roles they have to act with patient to make awareness regarding the ill health. They additionally facilitate in minimizing heart risk and facilitate patients with operative rehabilitation. Medicine Nurses ought to teach the patients to manage their diseases.


  • Track 15-1Pharmacological Strategies In Cardiology
  • Track 15-2Cardiovascular Clinical Trials
  • Track 15-3Cardiac Intensive Care Nursing
  • Track 15-4Cardiac Rehabilitation
  • Track 15-5Schemic Heart Disease
  • Track 15-6Cardiovascular Diseases
  • Track 15-7Heart Transplantation
  • Track 15-8Cerebrovascular Heart Disease
  • Track 15-9Cardiac Deaths
  • Track 15-10Myocardial Infraction

Oncology Nurse provides take care of cancer patients and folks in peril for getting the illness. The medical science Nurse in addition works in education and preventive care. Medical science nurses witness long suffering; but this stress is offset by the semi-permanent relationships. The nurse has to be compelled to offer psychosocial support for the patients.


  • Track 16-1Giving a physical examination
  • Track 16-2Giving chemotherapy and other medications
  • Track 16-3Identifying patient needs
  • Track 16-4Coordinating care with the other members of the oncology team
  • Track 16-5Educating and counseling patients and families
  • Track 16-6Performing research as part of a clinical trial

Nurse midwives give education and future support to ladies as they move through the method of gestation to birth. The nurses’ delivery comprehensive health care to ladies throughout period, with a stress on generative and medical specialty health desires.  A WHNP individual takes on leadership roles as medical care suppliers for ladies and provides centered care in areas like, prenatal and postnatal care, period care through climacteric, general well-being and preventive care, generative health care, etc.


  • Track 17-1Women’s Reproductive Healthcare
  • Track 17-2Midwifery Care: Labor, Birth And New Born
  • Track 17-3Midwifery In USA
  • Track 17-4Ambulatory Care For Women
  • Track 17-5Midwife Services in Breast Feeding

Telenursing modifications the strategy within which skilled nursing services square measure delivered; it doesn't basically change the character of nursing follow. Registered nurses engaged in telenursing still use the nursing method to assess, plan, implement, assess and document medical care. Telenursing is accomplishing an enormous rate of development in varied nations, owing to a number of factors: the distraction in driving down the expenses of social welfare, Associate in Nursing enlargement within the amount of maturing and perpetually sick world, and therefore the enlargement in scope of healthful services to remote, rustic, to reduce separations and spare period of time, and to stay patients out of doctor's facility.


  • Track 18-1Telemedicine
  • Track 18-2Teletrauma Care
  • Track 18-3Telerehabilitation
  • Track 18-4Telepharmacy
  • Track 18-5Teledermatology
  • Track 18-6Teleophthalmology
  • Track 18-7Telepathology
  • Track 18-8Teleradiology
  • Track 18-9Teledentistry
  • Track 18-10Telepsychiatry